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May 9th, 2011

Lion= do not lie on

Just wanted to share my epic news

I met Demetri Martin! Oh man I'm still kvelling from this.  He was doing a signing for his new book "This is a Book."  Before I met him, there was a long Q& A session, where he talked about his current plans (writing movie treatments) the worst stand up experiences he's had and where to buy records in Santa Monica, among many other topics. Wish I could say we had a deep meaningful conversation, but my brain decided to take a leave of absence before it was my turn, so I was lucky to get out what few words I could (he was really nice though)
All in all, it was the best Cinco de Mayo I ever had. Later.

April 13th, 2011

Sweetness I was only joking

Sometimes it seems like I'm mentally still in high school- in other words, hating what I do with my life and fangirling over the Smiths. I recently got Meat is Murder and the Queen is Dead and both are fucking flawless. I know everyone pisses on the Smiths but haters gonna hate I guess.  Next month, This Charming Band is doing a show here- don't care if I have to go by myself, because I'm totally going.  I always have fun at their shows and I missed their last few, so I feel like I should go.

Finally sent in my taxes- just waiting for my refund check (unless turbo tax fucked me over and all I'm getting is a big fat audit) Can't decide if I should use to get a new dog or plan some sort of vacation.  I miss having a poochie around the house, but I definitely could do without getting up early to walk them- eh take the bad with the good I guess.  Plus it would help me keep the excess poundage off. Well I'm tired so I'm off. Later.

January 26th, 2011

Oh, Here go hell come

Hello- odd that I'm updating again, but sleeplessness is me, so what else have I got to do? This post will probably be confusing and go on random tangents, but it's the way my mind's been working lately.  First off I'm not diggin this early spring weather bs we're getting right now.  It's friggin January so there's no reason why I should be dragging out my tshirts already- thank you global warming (or whatever phenomenon you wanna attribute it to- the popularity of Bieber might be to blame but I digress)

Work's been okay lately- the only bad part is all my coworkers are changing their schedules, so guess who has to work more now? Eh I shouldn't complain- my constantly broke ass needs some moolah.  The bf is out of town for the next week so whatever to that.  Hopefully it'll give me time to catch up with people I haven't seen in awhile, like my bf from high school.  We have tentative plans for a bar crawl this weekend, so a good time is pretty much guaranteed.  I might see Blue Valentine with my mom on monday, since she loves that darn Ryan Gosling. It's kinda weird, since dude is five years older than me (eww mom) Hey Mark Duplass is nine years my senior, so I should shut my damn mouth.

Also have a new crush object to report- Chandler Parsons, from the University of Florida men's basketball team. It's buggin me since I've never been into jocks before but this guy's damn cute.  Since I'm forced to watch endless sports at work, I saw him last week when they were showing the game against Auburn. It sucks since I live nowhere near Florida so my chances of seeing him play are slim to none :( Oh well what are you gonna do? I'm finally tired so I'm off. Later.

January 1st, 2011

Hello 2011

Whoa can't believe I'm back on here- doubt I was missed :( Anyway hope everyone had an awesome new year, I've been stuck at home with the cold from hell that turned into laryngytis so now I'm struck mute. Hey it's god's way of telling me to shut the fuck up

Haven't had any activities of note lately (except for obsessing over Mark Duplass-wtf I know) so will post my resolutions for 2011.  I don't think I had any last year so whatever to that. Here goes:

-Get a new dog before summer
-maintain a healthy weight and diet (I say that as i tell the bf to bring over fast food)
-continue reading extracurricular books
-Get the black dragon tattoo I've been talkin about for 5 yrs

Eh I think that's it. Oh one last thing before I go

Ah I feel so much better ;) Laters

October 20th, 2010


I love to look forward to events, especially when work and the craptacular aspects of life really get me down. In about two weeks, I'm seeing the Tim and Eric chrimbus show on friday; hopefully the next day I'll be seeing Michael Ian Black's stand up (ugh sucks being broke).  I guess I'm looking forward more to the Tim and Eric show, although it is general admission, which sucks for my midget-like frame. I had a good time at the Pusswhip Banggang show, and who doesn't love Neil Hamburger? My fave joke from the last show was: "What do you get when you stick a penny into the ass of each member of Smash Mouth? Nickelback"

Totally off the subject of comedy shows, but I saw this movie recently called The Killer Inside Me.  Oh man that Casey Affleck is so hot in there-I thought he was cute before but wowzaz! I always felt shamefaced telling people that I liked him, because he's Ben's brother and everyone I know hates him. I know, weird tangent but I was just thinking about that today. Later.

October 17th, 2010

pics from ages ago


So these are from Outside Lands-the first is the Strokes, which would have turned out better if every hipster douche didn't crowd in front of me (didn't get the glow sticks either-it's not a 90's nostalgia rave), next one is me and the bf and then him with his pal. Anyway not much going on-just wanted to post those, since I've been meaning to since August. Oh, since the playoffs are in full swing, and I have to be contrary to popular opinion, just wanna say Go Phillies! Later.

September 26th, 2010

uneventful absence

I can't believe it's been  a month since I last posted. Just got caught up with my trip to San Diego (really relaxing and I miss carne asada fries already) Outside lands fest (seeing the Strokes was cool but g-damn it was the gathering of douche hipsters) and finally this stomach flu that kicked my ass this past month. So glad to be back on solid foods again-if I never see gatorade or broth again, I will be happy.

Next post I'll try to post pics from Outside Lands and maybe a few from my trip.  Now that I'm recovered I should look into getting another dog. Still have to clean out the backyard, clean out my old boo's stuff- I dunno take baby steps with it I suppose. Have to remember to watch Bored to Death later-hey any excuse for the Schwartzman. Later.

August 21st, 2010

vacation hangover

making this one short because I just got back from my trip and now I need a vaca from my vacation. Ugh so damn hot in San Diego, and that kind of weather makes me want to do jack shit. Post more about that later. It's good to be home, with my family driving me crazy (it's like I never left) And of course my mom got the date wrong, so my brother's fam and my auntie were over for dinner tonight. I had fun, but the house looked like shit because I didn't have time to clean. I was laughing at my aunt's review of The Expendables (one word: okhay...) and as she left she said "Be sure to get some sleep".  Apparently I was walking around like a zombie and no one told me til now (great)

Since I'm still lusting after Cillian M., I ended up watching Peacock tonight which was pretty good, even if the ending was kinda missing something. While I was watching, it occurred to me that he makes for a prettier girl than I am. Totally ripping off Clueless, but he is prettier than me, what would I bring to the relationship? :P Laters

August 11th, 2010

for your health

I'm supposed to be packing for my trip next week, instead I'm procrastinating with this.  Ugh I stayed up til 5 am last night watching Tim and Eric Awesome show-I wasn't even high. Sometimes I don't know what's wrong with me.
I think packing is my least favorite part of going on a trip. Either I take too much or I forget stuff I really need. No matter how much I plan or how many lists I write some shit ends up happening.
Alright now I know I'm just blabbing on here. Later.

August 8th, 2010

I don't know about anyone else, but I've heard that Temper Trap song Sweet Disposition about five times today. It's getting to the point where I'm almost sick of it. Anyway (I hope this doesn't incite any wrath from Joseph Gordon Levitt fangirls out there) but me and my weirdo boyfriend were joking around after we saw Inception, and Sweet Disposition came on. I mentioned it was in his other movie 500 days of summer, and he came up with the idea of having JGL funk dancing to the song over the credits of Inception. Hell maybe the whole cast could come on and do a Soul Train line or something...eh just something to mull over.

Pretty excited for the outside lands festival on saturday (everybody fest!) I haven't seen the Strokes in about 5 years so should be awesome. I just hope I can keep my mild claustrophobia and fear of large crowds in check for the day. Later.
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